Sarah Jay and Isidro Blasco at the opening nightJaime MunarrizIvan NavarroIvan NavarroLaetitia HussainLaetitia HussainKarina SkvirskyKarina SkvirskyKarina SkvirskyRUBY PALMERRUBY PALMERRuby PalmerMAX GOLDFARBMAX GOLDFARBMAX GOLDFARBTom KotikMALA IQBALMALA IQBALMALA IQBALGrace SullivanDANNIELLE TEGEDERDANNIELLE TEGEDERLaura KingClare ChurchouseClare ChurchouseBeth Campbell
Phantom Phantom LimbBeth Campbell. Phantom Phantom LimbAndrew duPontAndrew duPont
INTERVENTIONS II in the house at 257 State Street, Hudson, New York.
Having purchased a home in Hudson last November 2014 with his wife, Blasco has invited artists to apply their ideas to the structure before he begins a renovation that will allow himself and his wife to reside there full­time. Without explicitly telling them what to do, he has selected the artists based on what he can see of the potential in the work they make and his curiosity about how their existing processes will fit into a new context. As such, INTERVENTIONS II will investigate how the architectural elements of a house might turn out differently from what is generally accepted as normal.

Artists: Beth Campbell, Clare Churchouse, Andrew duPont, Max Goldfarb, Laetitia Hussain, Mala Iqbal, Laura King, Tom Kotik, Jaime Munarriz, Iván Navarro, Ruby Palmer, Karina Skvirsky, Grace Sullivan, Dannielle Tegeder | Organizer: Isidro Blasco

Says Blasco, “We are sure there are many more options, many more different paths to follow. An artist comes into this house and applies his or her understanding of how reality works, how it can be manipulated. We are implicitly rejecting the status quo of the standardized home, where decisions are based on economical or aesthetic factors and not through real perceptions of space and emotions. We look for a new path. An outcome more connected to contemporary inhabitants and users of a home. In doing so, familiar outcomes may find other solutions. Or so we hope.”