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An article with lots of images by Christopher Jobson:
At the end of October I will be giving a workshop-site-specific with the students at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.
It will be a week long involvement with the College's students in photography and sculpture.
I am looking forward to the learning experience.
In September 2012 I will be participating in a 3 person show at WAVE HILL in The Bronx. I will have one of the 3 rooms in the big mansion.
My installation name is:
The show has a theme: The Palisades; the National Interstate Park that is across the Hudson River, in New Jersey.
I am taking hundreds of photos of the rocks,trees and structures in the Palisades. And I am also taking tons of images across from the Palisades, in Washington Height, Inwood and The Bronx.
With all these images I will fill out the entire room, starting on the walls and coming out to the ceiling and the floors. It will be a very large collage!
Very Exciting!
Performance and visual art in public spaces along 14th Street, NYC
October 5 to the 15.

I am totally looking forward to create this installation, made with photos but also by cutting through a plywood fence in 14th St!!!

It will create a parallel world for your imagination to step into. The imagery for this installation will be generated from the site itself. The work will recreate a particular section of the urban environment through the assimilation of multiple viewpoints into a single perspective, gathering the spaces and volumes created by architecture, but also the life and human action that occurs inside and around it, into a single entity. Both space and time are represented.
Que pintamos en el mundo, “1ª Bienal Internacional de Fotografía de Sao Paulo”, Museo de Arte de Sao Paulo
Que pintamos en el mundo
Agoust 14 th - November 3rd 2013