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    Artist Pension Trust's review of the project in Philly:

    An article with lots of images by Christopher Jobson:


    At the end of October I will be giving a workshop-site-specific with the students at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.
    It will be a week long involvement with the College's students in photography and sculpture.
    I am looking forward to the learning experience.


    In September 2012 I will be participating in a 3 person show at WAVE HILL in The Bronx. I will have one of the 3 rooms in the big mansion.
    My installation name is:
    The show has a theme: The Palisades; the National Interstate Park that is across the Hudson River, in New Jersey.
    I am taking hundreds of photos of the rocks,trees and structures in the Palisades. And I am also taking tons of images across from the Palisades, in Washington Height, Inwood and The Bronx.
    With all these images I will fill out the entire room, starting on the walls and coming out to the ceiling and the floors. It will be a very large collage!
    Very Exciting!


    Performance and visual art in public spaces along 14th Street, NYC
    October 5 to the 15.

    I am totally looking forward to create this installation, made with photos but also by cutting through a plywood fence in 14th St!!!

    It will create a parallel world for your imagination to step into. The imagery for this installation will be generated from the site itself. The work will recreate a particular section of the urban environment through the assimilation of multiple viewpoints into a single perspective, gathering the spaces and volumes created by architecture, but also the life and human action that occurs inside and around it, into a single entity. Both space and time are represented.

  • Que pintamos en el mundo, “1ª Bienal Internacional de Fotografía de Sao Paulo”, Museo de Arte de Sao Paulo

    Que pintamos en el mundo
    Agoust 14 th - November 3rd 2013