ARTWORK > ABOVE AND UNDER THE L-TRAIN February to April 2016 Site specific at BLACK AND WHITE GALLERY 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, New York

architectural installation photography deconstructed
C-Print, Wood, metal
35x20x12 feet

We use the subway every day and we don’t know how it works, how many parts are involved, how everything comes together to make it happen. I imagine it is a big mess--a lot of metal structure holding the dirt back in the shape of the tunnels, metal I-beams holding the ceiling, large slabs of concrete holding the walls. The seamlessness of it all seams purposely disorienting. Especially when I have only fragmented images: the dark tunnels, the illuminated platforms and stairs.

In an effort to relate to these places, I’ve tried to introduce an emotional restraint/dynamism that doesn’t imply destruction so much as disorientation.